RVE provides comprehensive, practical and responsive land use planning services to local, County and State governments and related and supportive public agencies. Our team of planning experts collaborates with clients to assist them in realizing their growth goals which may include maximizing land use stewardship, preserving the tax base, promoting a safe and healthy sense of community, protecting the environment, efficiently utilizing natural resources and supporting specific projects that contribute to their residents’ quality of life.

Services include:

  • Urban design, community development and redevelopment plans
  • Master plans
  • Concept and layout plan development
  • Landscape design
  • Site planning
  • Recreational and passive park planning
  • Open space/recreation/forestry management plans
  • Affordable housing planning and consulting

Our Services

Our professional staff includes experts in the major areas of engineering required to support capital facilities and infrastructure improvements, land use planning and redevelopment, tax map maintenance, GIS database, environmental support services, resident engineering, construction inspection, owner’s representation, program management, technical and administrative support services.

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RVE has grown to more than 450 employees in offices throughout the middle and south Atlantic regions of the United States. Get in touch today to find out about our services or career opportunities.