Water & Wastewater Services

Our clients have relied on RVE for more than 100 years to analyze, design and permit potable water and wastewater improvement projects. We perform modeling and analyze alternative configurations for water distribution systems of any size or complexity. Our capabilities extend to developing solutions for the full range of potable water and wastewater supply, conveyance, distribution, treatment, storage, pressure, environmental and quality concerns that affect the utility clients we serve.

Utility Service: Water distribution and wastewater conveyance system services include:

  • Computer modeling and analysis for water distribution and wastewater collection systems
  • Water and wastewater pumping station upgrades/replacements
  • Potable water system flow analysis, and pressure testing
  • Wastewater collection system evaluation, flow analysis and rehabilitation
  • Trenchless sewer rehabilitation analysis and design
  • Potable water tower / tank design and inspections including coating systems
  • Extensions of water mains and sewer mains
  • Combined sewer separation studies
  • Combined sewer outfall (CSO) structure inline netting design
  • Flow metering and piping capacity studies
  • Infiltration & Inflow (I/I) study/evaluation

Treatment: RVE’s multi-disciplinary design team develops innovative, reliable potable water and wastewater treatment facility designs. We perform economic and financial feasibility studies, treatment process modeling and simulation software studies, bench-, pilot- and demonstration-scale studies, existing water/wastewater treatment plant upgrades, cost /benefit analysis and value engineering. In addition, due to increasing energy costs and the historic high energy consumption by utilities, we provide renewable energy services.

Treatment services include:

  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities—new, expansion, and rehabilitation
  • Regulatory compliance services, covering regulated and emergent contaminants
  • Wastewater biogas treatment and conversion including design, permitting
  • Vegetative waste, FOG, and biogas treatment including Cogeneration facilities
  • Process system controls, instrumentation upgrades and SCADA design
  • Odor control
  • Solar and wind energy cost analysis and design

Our Services

Our professional staff includes experts in the major areas of engineering required to support capital facilities and infrastructure improvements, land use planning and redevelopment, tax map maintenance, GIS database, environmental support services, resident engineering, construction inspection, owner’s representation, program management, technical and administrative support services.

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