Biopower Expansion Project

About The Project

RVE provided project management services to the Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA) for the 1.4 MW Biopower Expansion Project. The BCUA wanted to expand their existing combined heat and power (CHP) facility by adding a third 1.4MW cogeneration unit. The additional cogeneration unit generates heat and electricity for the facility. The cogeneration unit is being powered by the biogas produced by wastewater treatment equipment at the Authority's Little Ferry Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) located in Moonachie, New Jersey. The heat produced by the cogeneration system is being used by the water treatment equipment as part of the treatment process, as well as for space heating of the buildings at the treatment plant. This combined heating and power facility (CHPF) generates electricity combined with a heat recovery boiler (HRB) to produce hot water. The electricity is used on-site to power the WPCF and the hot water is used to preheat the anaerobic sludge digester process and for building heating during the winter.

Project Gallery

RVE was responsible for oversight of the design, permitting and construction of the project on behalf of the Authority.

RVE also acted as a liaison between the BCUA and the various contractors and engineers involved with the project.