Stormwater Management Firm

Our expertise covers all aspects of stormwater management including planning, modeling, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting, design, and construction plans and specifications. We work with cities, watershed districts, agencies such as the NJDEP and Pinelands Commission, SESC Districts and local authorities to design, implement and maintain budget friendly, resource-efficient solutions that work with the environment. RVE uses innovative best management practices (BMPs) to design rainwater gardens, infiltration basins, stormwater detention basins, bioretention facilities and stormwater wetlands.

Services include:

  • Drainage system, dam and culvert inspection and design
  • Evaluation of existing structures for safety, stability and hydraulic efficiency
  • Preparation and processing of permits for regulatory agency approval
  • Open channel flow modeling
  • Feasibility studies and engineering analyses
  • Stormwater system design
  • Watershed analysis
  • Hydraulic and hydrologic studies
  • Piping network analysis
  • Retention and detention basin designs

Our Services

Our professional staff includes experts in the major areas of engineering required to support capital facilities and infrastructure improvements, land use planning and redevelopment, tax map maintenance, GIS database, environmental support services, resident engineering, construction inspection, owner’s representation, program management, technical and administrative support services.

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RVE has grown to more than 450 employees in offices throughout the middle and south Atlantic regions of the United States. Get in touch today to find out about our services or career opportunities.