RVE is a leader in administrating, inspecting and managing Federal Aid Construction Projects throughout our service area. Our experienced, highly trained team handles all aspects of managing a Federal Aid Project from the initial awarding of Federal funds to final reimbursement and project closeout. Over the past 30 years, RVE has developed, and continues to maintain, a solid, reputable relationship with local agencies and DOTs.

Corporate-wide, RVE develops and coordinates numerous grant/loan-funded programs for local, State and Federal agencies. Each year, the firm successfully completes campaigns by preparing and submitting applications for grant/loan programs to assist clients in developing strategies to fund their projects for community planning, infrastructure development, civic, park and recreational facilities.

RVE obtains grants and loans for projects, such as community planning, transportation, infrastructure development, municipal facilities, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and parks and recreation. Through our extensive experience, we have developed valuable relationships with funding agencies to ensure our staff is aware of the latest funding program updates. We discuss funding programs with key agency staff members to ensure our clients’ projects are provided with the maximum amount of financial assistance available.


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Our professional staff includes experts in the major areas of engineering required to support capital facilities and infrastructure improvements, land use planning and redevelopment, tax map maintenance, GIS database, environmental support services, resident engineering, construction inspection, owner’s representation, program management, technical and administrative support services.

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RVE has grown to more than 450 employees in offices throughout the middle and south Atlantic regions of the United States. Get in touch today to find out about our services or career opportunities.