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Construction Management

Remington & Vernick Engineers’ (RVE) Construction Management Department specializes in project planning, construction management, and inspection services.

Construction Management Services

Drawing upon the expansive resources of a large, diverse staff of construction and design professionals, personalized Construction Management Teams are developed for each project. The firm provides project planning services, a crucial element in ensuring the overall quality of a project. These services include feasibility analysis, budget preparation, loan packaging, plan review and design, cost estimating, specification writing, code/ADA review, and general coordination with other agencies and funding sources.

The Construction Management Team ensures that the project design meets the needs of the client at the lowest practical cost. Through value engineering, RVE reviews plans and specifications to determine if cost reduction is possible without reducing quality or extending construction of the project. The team carefully reviews and monitors each project for contract compliance. This includes contractor qualifications, contract documents, code requirements, bonds, insurance, permits and project schedules. Contractor submittals and shop drawings are reviewed for compliance with the plans and specifications.

RVE retains over 85 construction managers and field inspectors with practical construction experience in disciplines such as HVAC, electrical, structural, plumbing, underground utilities, concrete, asphalt paving, water and sewer, and building construction. Due to the diversity of skills on staff, the firm has tremendous troubleshooting capabilities, typically needed during the construction process. This is especially beneficial to a client as it helps prevent overlooked contractor and subcontractor field changes that adversely affect project phases and can dramatically impact overall project quality.

Construction Management Service Capabilities:
  • Construction Management Services.
  • Municipal Project Management.
  • Resident Engineering Services.