Washington Street Mall Project Receives 2022 Hardscape North America Award

The Washington Street Mall in Cape May City, NJ received a 2022 Hardscape North America Award, winning the Vintage Installation category. RVE was part of the team that worked on initial utility upgrades to the Mall and was subsequently selected by the City to develop a conceptual design plan for the Mall’s restoration. RVE's plan was based on our meetings with project stakeholders and required careful consideration of the needs of merchants, tourists and residents. The City wanted to enhance the experience of walking around the mall, while preserving this streetscape and retaining its historic feel.

Upgrades for the Mall included additional seating, spaces for outdoor dining and improved ADA accessibility. The City wanted the Mall to look like something that had been there a long time and avoid anything garish or “new-age” looking. The goal was to preserve the Mall’s history while creating a durable product to hold up to heavy foot traffic and its fair share of dropped ice cream and chewing gum.

Clay pavers were selected to give the Mall a more a high-end look. Cape May is a seashore town, so the area is exposed to a good amount of sun, sand and salt in the air. The City wanted something sturdy with a high-end finish that would hold up to the elements and high-volume pedestrian traffic. The street pavement was a blend of rumbled redbrick, heavy-duty pavers and tumbled brick. A flush bluestone curb was used as a demarcation line for outdoor dining spaces and as a visual reference to the site’s former use as a street.

In addition to the Hardscape North America Award, the project was also awarded with a "Great Street” Designation by NJ American Planning Association.