RVE Principal Vanessa Nedrick Shares Her Drexel Experience

Vanessa Nedrick, PE, MSEM was recently interviewed by the Drexel College of Engineering, her alma mater, on her education and how it has led her to become the first Black female Principal of RVE. Vanessa grew up in Philadelphia loving math and science and the problem-solving challenges that they offered.

After graduating from college with an engineering degree, she started out her career with the Philadelphia Water Department but knew she needed to enhance her education to further her career. By then a married mother of four, including twin newborns, she needed a graduate program that would work for her. Once again, Drexel was the way.

“Drexel taught me the mental toughness and the agility to jump between projects without losing a step.” Vanessa says

With her master’s degree, Vanessa started as a senior associate and now has assumed the role of the first Black female to become a principal of the firm. She says that she finds both honor and responsibility in the designation.

“Representation matters,” Vanessa says. “Seeing a Black woman in a leadership position at a firm like RVE can suddenly help young Black women and other underrepresented communities see themselves reaching this level.”

To read the full article, visit Drexel’s College of Engineering news page.