RVE Attends Corinthian Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Borough of Hatboro held a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the Corinthian Trail, a walking path along Corinthian Avenue between Jefferson Avenue and Jacksonville Road in Hatboro. RVE provided engineering design and bidding services and the Borough received funding through the Transportation Alternatives Set Aside Grant from PennDOT.

The project included the design of the new ADA compliant walking path, ADA curb ramps, solar site lighting, a retaining wall, fence and signage. It also included the installation of a new stormwater management system including an underground infiltration trench.

RVE performed a topographic and right-of-way (ROW) survey to locate all features and property boundaries, developed engineering design plans, obtained all clearances required by the grant program, performed site visits and field evaluations, obtained plan approvals and supported bidding and award.

The Corinthian Trial project had several positive impacts on the community. It resulted in a direct ADA compliant path to Crooked Billet Elementary School. Solar lighting was used to improve the sustainability of the project. Warm mix asphalt was used to increase energy efficiency. Stormwater BMP was installed in order to recharge groundwater, reduce flooding risk and improve water quality.