PennDOT Finds Success with Design Build Traffic Control Plan Concept Innovation from RVE’s Steven Bolt

The Design Build Traffic Control Plan (DBTCP) concept, a recent innovation from the Pennsylvania State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC), has been used for Work Zone Traffic Control in over 75 PennDOT projects. RVE’s Steven Bolt, PE, PTOE, the STIC Innovation Owner, recently spoke with representatives of each of PennDOT’s engineering districts and has found the innovation has produced positive results in terms of time and cost savings.

Mr. Bolt, former Chair and active member of the Design Technical Advisory Group (TAG), was responsible for guiding and managing this innovation through the Innovation Development Process. The DBTCP concept enables designers to collaborate with contractors on the Traffic Control Plan. Instead of fully developing a final Traffic Control plan, a conceptual one is provided in project bid packages, giving the contractor the flexibility to use their own means and methods to best integrate the work zone phasing and staging. This has resulted in fewer change orders and the opportunity to evaluate potential cost saving opportunities throughout the construction of the project.

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