Innovative 10 MW Solar Energy Project Will Provide Clean Energy for Berkeley Township

RVE provided engineering design, administration and oversight services to the Township of Berkeley for a new 10 megawatt (MW) landfill community solar project. RVE prepared the specifications and bid documents, provided administration for the bid, supported negotiations and contract preparations and provided limited administration and oversight as the Berkeley’s Owner Representative for the project.

The project consists of the installation of two 5 MW solar energy systems on the site of the former Berkeley Landfill. According to contractor CS Energy, it is the first ever project to simultaneously close a landfill and build a community solar system atop the landfill. The Berkeley Landfill has been out of operation since 1982, but it had remained uncapped due to a lack of funding. In 2020, CS Energy and Berkeley Township entered a public-private partnership to close the landfill and construct the solar systems. The goal of the project is to provide affordable, locally produced clean energy to Township residents. CS Energy estimates the project will provide energy to 1,600 homes and will save participants approximately $6.4 million.

Photo by Chris Lundy, Jersey Shore Online

The new solar community project is part of the State of New Jersey's Community Solar Energy Pilot Program, which aims to for the State to have 100% clean energy by 2035. As part of Earth Week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently visited the project site and discussed its significant contribution to this initiative, touting it as an example for other municipalities in the State to follow.