Checks and Balances in Protective Coatings Projects

Chris Stathakopolous Discusses Contractor Quality Control (QC) and Owner Quality Assurance (QA)

Chris Stathakopolous, NACE 2, SSPC C-3, a Lead Coatings Inspector in RVE’s Infrastructure Services CM/CI Group based out of the Cherry Hill office, works on crucial coatings projects for our infrastructure and municipal clients. Chris oversees multi-million-dollar coating projects consisting of lead abatement, steel surface preparation and application of new multi-coat protective systems to protect clients’ facilities and structures, extending their overall life expectancy. He has worked on complex projects and his experience includes managing crews of up to 50 painters in superstructure and water tank improvements.

Chris provides onsite QA inspection to ensure the coating system is being constructed in conformance with both the project documents and the manufacturer’s specifications. Chris’s industry experience allows RVE to provide clients with the most applicable coating system for their project, and his on-site knowledge ensures that proper application techniques are used by the coating contractors.

Click here to hear Chris speak with Jim Kunkle, Manager, the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) and Protective Coatings Specialist. Chris and Jim discuss the critical roles that both contractor Quality Control and owner Quality Assurance play during industrial painting/coating projects.

Surface preparation, environmental controls, and proper coating application are critical to the success of these projects. Chris has extensive expertise and training—including niche certifications from NACE, SSPC, OSHA—to ensure proper coating application and inherently the overall success of our coatings projects, helping our clients maintain their assets in good condition.