Water Distribution System Model

About The Project

The Brodhead Creek Regional Authority (BCRA), operates and owns its own public community water system that provides water service to the Tannersville, Stroudsburg and Pocono Township areas. RVE was retained by the BCRA to complete a hydraulic study of the existing water supply and distribution system that can be utilized to determine appropriate water main extensions for future development as well as correct distribution issues throughout the system. With only one major supply line in place to serve various large users, the system needs redundancy. The hydraulic water system model being prepared by RVE will determine the most appropriate route for an auxiliary water main extension to supply these large water customers, as well as the entire Pocono service area for existing demand and future growth. RVE's tasks for this project include review of the existing distribution system and water treatment facility, development of a water system hydraulic model utilizing WaterGEMS, calibrating the hydraulic model with all available flow data, incorporating anticipated development water demands into the model, completing model scenarios for system demands up to 3 MGD, and development of water system improvements to support model scenario results.

BCRA is the only supplier of the Sanofi Pharmaceutical Co. and the Kalahari Resort (the largest water park in the USA), both located in Pocono Township region.