Sewer Separation at Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) 027

About The Project

Directed under an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate, the City of Paterson contracted RVE to provide storm water modeling, design, permitting, and construction administration services to the City of Paterson for the sewer separation at CSO 027 outfall along 21st Avenue from Market Street to Route 20. This project was required to be completed under a strict deadline to meet compliance with the EPA mandates for sewer separation. The designed project provides for the separation of the combined stormwater and sanitary sewer systems with a dedicated stormwater system including disconnecting all storm connections from the existing system. A new Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) Storm sewer, spanning approximately 3,200 feet, was designed along 21st Avenue and connects to the storm sewer on the western side of State Route 20. All existing storm inlets within the project limits will be replaced and additional inlets will be installed. New storm manholes will also be installed where needed along 21st Avenue.

Project Gallery

Several locations along the system require special attention due to the quantity of existing underground utilities in the area.

Due to the urban environmental, geotechnical borings and environmental testing was completed along the length of the proposed project.

RVE assisted the City with loan applications to the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank (NJ I-Bank) and uploading to the NJ I-Bank for review and approval.