Rubberized Floor Investigation & Abatement

About The Project

RVE’s Educational Services Team performed an extensive risk assessment at the Washington Township School District's eight school facilities to test the gymnasiums for mercury vapor in the flooring and air. Results returned within 48 hours indicated the levels of vapor in the flooring were below the maximum limits allowed. A report was prepared for the District to discuss the findings and recommendations to mitigate exposure. RVE and our Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) recommended the District increase ventilation in the affected spaces to lower the risk of poor air quality. Since the gymnasium floors will continue to degrade over time, the potential for increased vapor exposure will continue, thus, the District replaced all gymnasium floors in the summer of 2019. RVE supported the District’s extensive educational outreach and Board meetings by handling questions from concerned parents, staff and local media to ensure the safety of the facilities and those who utilize them regularly. RVE also utilized our timelapse camera to document the construction process.

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RVE worked with the District to ensure detailed testing could be completed while taking into consideration both safety and budgetary concerns

Services were provided in conjunction with bleacher repairs in the gym