Playground Improvements at 13 Elementary Schools

About the Project

Henderson County Public Schools (HCPS) engaged RVE to enhance the playgrounds at all 13 elementary schools in the district. This project, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), involved providing a wide range of professional services such as site development, play equipment evaluation, design, permitting and stakeholder coordination. RVE's efforts ensured that the playgrounds were engaging for students and compliant with all relevant codes. RVE conducted thorough assessments of the existing playground conditions, including equipment, landscaping, shade and drainage and delivered a comprehensive report with recommended improvements. The playgrounds were evaluated and graded on a scale of A to D, with budgets tailored to each site’s unique features. The project was divided into two bid packages: Package A and Package B. Package A covered improvements at six schools, involving site clearing, new equipment installation, underdrain and stormwater systems, rubber mulch and additional site enhancements like benches and athletic courts. Package B addressed similar improvements at the remaining seven schools, featuring rubber surfacing and other miscellaneous site enhancements.

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This initiative provided equitable improvements across all schools, with more significant upgrades allocated to playgrounds in poorer condition.

This was a federally funded project through ARPA and RVE administered this contract for HCPS.

RVE ensured that all 13 playgrounds were code compliant and included equipment that is engaging and exciting for the students and after school programs.