Pennwood Middle School Building Renovations

About The Project

Building renovations included additional visitor parking, the removal of the Pennwood natatorium (swimming pool wing) to accommodate more classrooms, the relocation of the administrative offices to the existing front entrance to provide a more secure situation for people entering and exiting the building, larger guidance suite with conference rooms to facilitate the growing needs of students, maintenance of the exterior brick work, new bus dock pick up and drop off area to improve traffic safety and new heating system and air conditioning systems. The improvements were intended to address the lack of sufficient space to meet current student and curriculum needs. RVE provided a full suite of design services including mechanical engineering for the complete replacement of the school's HVAC system, complete plumbing and electrical systems replacement and school renovations including walls, ceiling and roofing nearly down to the shell and finishes throughout. Significant renovations in the auditorium turned an untouched decades old space into a true theatre. Specialty systems and site modifications transformed this building into a near-new facility however making critical cost savings decisions with the board of education maintaining structural and flooring elements that had withstood the wear of time with more useful life to give. A phased design and construction approach was used to ensure renovations had as minimal impact as possible on the students and faculty.

Reengineered to maintain LEED Gold status and save $3M in Mechanical Systems cost

Included a campus-wide evaluation

Included providing services for major asbestos abatement needs

Renovations were completed without the use of trailers and no loss of school time