Lehigh Canal Interceptor Rehabilitation

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Catasauqua Borough is committed to addressing I&I concerns and has identified several portions of their collection system that are known or likely locations for infiltration. These areas generally have older sewer mains or have infrastructure known to be in poor condition. One area known to be in poor condition is the Lehigh Canal Intercepting Sewer, which is a 3000 LF, 21” intercepting sewer which parallels the Lehigh Canal and receives flow from the Borough of North Catasauqua. RVE evaluated this interceptor for lining or rehabilitation, as this is one of the largest mains in Catasauqua’s system and its proximity to the Lehigh Canal makes it vulnerable to groundwater infiltration. In addition, the property adjacent to the Canal is scheduled to be redeveloped so access to this sewer may become more difficult in the future. Based on the results of a video sewer inspection RVE recommended that the full length of the interceptor and all manholes be lined, with point repairs or sewer reconstruction in sections of the sewer where conditions do not support lining. In addition, all pipe joints will be pressure tested and chemically sealed where necessary. The scope of work for this project included preparation of construction documents, inspection services, and contract administration.

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The Borough of Catasauqua’s 2.25MGD wastewater facility treats sanitary sewage and industrial wastewater from the Borough of Catasauqua, the Borough of North Catasauqua, Hanover Township and some of Allen Township’s industrial areas in Leigh and Northampton Counties, Pennsylvania.

RVE applied for a PA Small Water and Sewer Grant in December 2019 for the project. A $425,000 grant was awarded in September 2020, resulting in the Borough having to pay less than $50,000 out of pocket for the project.


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