Influent Pump Station (120 MGD) Rehabilitation

About the Project

RVE managed the rehabilitation of Bergen County Utilities Authority's (BCUA) wastewater treatment pump station following damage caused by Hurricane Ida. The storm doubled the system's hydraulic capacity to 240 MGD from 120 MGD, bringing in large amounts of grit and debris. The inflow's volume made it hard to bypass the station, which had never been inspected or cleaned. Post-Ida sediment buildup made rehabilitation a priority. Bypass pumping was the primary challenge, requiring solutions that could manage the flow while ensuring plant and worker safety. The refurbishment involves enhancements to ventilation, duct work, lighting and walkways. Before any wet well operations, various drain lines discharging directly into the wet well had to be isolated. Ensuring the sluice gates' integrity was crucial during cleaning and rehabilitation. Once bypass pumping started, construction, rehabilitation and inspection ran continuously, 24/7. Services encompassed oversight, drawing reviews, inspections and reinstating flow. Compliance with the Health and Safety Plan, including BCUA's safety protocol, was mandatory and continuously monitored.

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RVE demonstrated unparalleled expertise in managing the extreme conditions post-Hurricane Ida. By not only addressing the doubled hydraulic capacity but also handling the significant grit, debris and trash influx, RVE showcased its commitment to excellence. This was further emphasized by our ability to work on a station that had previously never been inspected or cleaned.

The challenge of bypass pumping required a novel approach. RVE employed cutting-edge techniques and technologies to manage the high flow rate, protect the plant, and ensure worker safety. Our solution optimized the treatment process and improved efficiency, even under extraordinary circumstances.

RVE's 24/7 rehabilitation and inspection commitment ensured minimal disruption and quick recovery. We provided continuous construction services, including oversight, drawing reviews and inspections, always prioritizing the needs of the BCUA and the community.