Frank J. Guarini Justice Complex

About The Project

RVE, as subconsultant to Netta Architects, provided civil/site engineering services for the $310M design-build of the Frank J. Guarini Justice Complex in Jersey City, New Jersey. The facility is a new 405,000 square foot, five story building with a basement and a six-story parking garage with approximately 459 parking spaces. The benefits of the design allow for large open floor plans with minimum column locations and open lines of sight in courtrooms. In addition to addressing the security, safety, and environmental challenges with the existing facilities, the project will provide key benefits to the neighborhood including traffic flow improvements, an opportunity for new open space, and support of the neighborhood's revitalization. The reconfigured street network will improve traffic flow through the neighborhood, reduce bottlenecks, and facilitate access to the Journal Square Transportation Center. RVE performed the design of the site and managed the complex utility coordination and relocation efforts as a result of the abandonment of two roadways, widening one roadway and installing a new roadway. RVE was also responsible for permitting and maintenance and protection of traffic. Efforts included the design of new sanitary and storm sewers, water lines, gas lines, overhead and underground electrical lines, overhead communication lines, underground communication lines and conduits, sidewalks, curbs, ADA curb ramps, landscaping and overall site grading.

Project Gallery

Will be designed and built in only 42 months.

405,000 square foot LEED-Gold accredited building.

Six-story parking garage, delivered in just 19 months, that utilizes deep foundations to sit above two railroad tunnels.

Requires coordination of the relocation and design of 13 unique utilities through and around the site.