Chapel Avenue (CR 626) Roadway Improvements

About The Project

RVE provided construction management/inspection services for roadway improvements to Chapel Avenue (CR 626) from Haddonfield Road (CR 644) (MP 1.53) to Kings Highway (NJSH Route 41) (MP 3.43) in Cherry Hill Township. The overall goal of the project was to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists and to improve the Camden County roadway system within the project limits. The construction work inspected under this contract included Traffic Signal(s), Milling of Pavement, HMA 12.5M 64 Surface Course and HMA 19 M 64 Base Course, Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Inlets, Manholes, Bicycle Safe Grates and Curb Pieces, Concrete Sidewalk, Concrete Driveway, Detectable Warning Surfaces, Concrete Vertical Curb and Cobblestone Pavers, Traffic Stripes and Markings, Raised Pavement Markers and landscape materials. A new pipe crossing was installed near Mercer Street to improve drainage in the area. The new bike lanes pushed the travel lanes towards roadway median; thus, a new traffic signal and foundation accommodates a light closer to the centerline of the roadway. RVE provided onsite inspection services during construction involving coordinating biweekly progress meetings onsite with project stakeholders, providing weekly progress reports of the ongoing construction, tracking RFIs and change orders, monitoring project budgets and coordinating administrative details of the project.

Project Gallery

The Cherry Trees along Chapel Avenue have a special significance to Cherry Hill Township residents and officials. RVE worked with the contractor to ensure the trees were undisturbed during this project.

A major challenge of the project was the ongoing coordination with all project stakeholders including the County, the Cherry Hill Police Department, the contractor, local businesses, area residents, Kennedy Health System and Cherry Hill West High School. Daily coordination with Police, Fire and EMT was crucial, due to the vicinity of the schools and hospital. The proper implementation of traffic control was critical to the safety of the workers, vehicular public, commercial and residential abutting neighbors and quality of the project.