Linden Roselle Sewerage Authority Capital Improvement Projects

About The Project

As Authority Engineer, RVE is providing project management and construction management/inspection services including project coordination, document review, advertising and bidding assistance, engineering support and field services during construction for the completion of five components of this capital improvement project. The project comprises the installation of flood protection measures, screening conveyance improvements, upgrades to the gravity thickener and the UV disinfection facility, and replacement of the electrical switchgear. Additional services include wastewater rate study (user charge review) and budget preparation; solar panel evaluation and alternative energy analysis; permitting assistance (air, sludge, & beneficial reuse); influent header redesign (dualize lines); and client representative/technical assistance regarding third party sludge disposal facility being built onsite.

This project will provide continued uninterrupted operation of the wastewater treatment plant and reduce the potential to negatively impact water quality in surrounding water bodies, including the Arthur Kill.