Burlington Bristol Bridge Painting

About The Project

RVE was retained as a subconsultant by Maser Consulting to provide Construction Monitoring and Inspection services for the Burlington Bristol Bridge Painting. RVE performed daily inspections of surface preparation cleanliness and testing/monitoring of lead abatement removal-conforming to job specifications and industry standards (SSPC, NACE and ASTM). Daily inspections/testing of equipment and of abrasive material were also performed (ASTM D 4285/ D 7393). Surface profile of substrate was also measured during surface cleanliness inspection. Weekly safety inspections on the jobsite were performed which included inspection of hazardous and non-hazardous waste storage area. Daily paint inspections included measurement of paint mil thickness (WFT and DFT). Adhesion testing if required was performed. Log of surface preparation and paint inspections forms were kept. Daily monitoring of ambient conditions was recorded using a digital hygrometer/sling psychrometer. Proper storage of paint material and thinner materials were reviewed, and temperatures were logged. Biweekly and monthly job progression and photos were documented. Inspection of punchlist items were also reviewed and recorded. RVE also implemented/installed all traffic control devices and maintained all traffic operations for the project; conducted testing and monitoring associated with lead abatement/abrasive blast operations and conducted, recorded and monitored tests associated with Quality Control (QC) on all coating operations.

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RVE reviewed quality control work practices of the contractor and ensured that proper quality control methods were being used to meet industry standards and job specifications during surface preparation and paint operations.