Burlington Bristol Bridge Approach Span Inspections

About The Project

RVE performed a biennial in-depth bridge inspection of the approach spans to the Burlington Bristol Bridge. Specifically, the approach spans consisted of 16 Burlington Viaduct Spans (S1 through S12 and Y13 through Y16) and three Bristol Viaduct Spans (A through C). RVE’s inspection focused on fracture-critical members and their details, as well as fatigue-prone details. Based the 2016 In-Depth Inspection RVE performed and the 2017 Routine Inspection previously prepared for this bridge, the RVE Team inspected all members with previous recommendations for maintenance, repairs or monitoring first to determine if any outstanding elements of concern remained. Following the inspection effort, a complete bridge inspection report was prepared using the web-based ScanPrint system, featuring our findings and recommendations of maintenance, repair or continued monitoring of various elements of the bridge, an updated version of the previous 2016 in-depth and the 2017 routine reports to certifying the condition of the bridge. Photographs and field sketches were included with the report.

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All critical or high-priority maintenance conditions found in the field were brought to the attention of the Commission immediately via telephone.

Within 24 hours, a formal written letter confirming our notification of the details of concern and recommendation for repair was provided to the Commission.