Atlantic City Expressway Connector Resurfacing

About the Project

RVE provided engineering design and construction management/construction inspection services to the South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA) for the Atlantic City Expressway Connector Resurfacing. RVE also provided the initial budget cost for the project to the SJTA under their general engineering consultant contract. The Connector, a series of mainline roadways, bridges, tunnel and local roadways, had not been resurfaced in any manner since its inception in 2000 due to funding constraints. Keeping on schedule was essential to avoid construction during the high-volume travel season between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Despite several constraints and challenges, once Memorial Day 2022 arrived, the Connector was completely resurfaced with striping and raised pavement markers (RPMs) installed. The pavement had an overall positive international roughness index (IRI) rideability bonus, which proved good workmanship and quality for a very difficult resurfacing project. The Atlantic City Expressway Connector Resurfacing provided a significant improvement to a key part of the infrastructure in the Southern New Jersey Region.

Project Gallery

All work was to be performed at night to limit traffic disruption

The final cost was approximately $5.4 million, which included close to $0.5 million in asphalt and fuel price adjustments. The figure was close to 15% under the SJTA’s $6.3 million budget

The project received a 2023 ACECNJ Engineering Excellence Awards - Grand Honor Award - Medium Project