2020 Miscellaneous Priority Bridge Repairs

About The Project

RVE provided engineering design and construction inspection services for miscellaneous priority bridge repairs to four bridges owned by the Cape May County Bridge Commission (CMCBC). Four of the five of the CMCBC’s bridges are very old and in need of full replacement. RVE has served as the General Engineer for the CMCBC since 2019 providing emergency engineering services in addition to administering routine projects for the Commission. For this project, RVE provided services for repairs to the Grassy Sound Bridge, Townsend’s Inlet Bridge, Corsons Inlet Bridge and Ocean City Longport Bridge. The work at each bridge repaired priority repairs which were identified during bi-annual National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) inspections. Priority repairs were required to the steel superstructure, bridge Z-railing and concrete deck/curb/toll plaza protection at Corsons Inlet Bridge, Townsend Inlet Bridge and Grassy Sound bridge. Steel superstructure repairs were also performed on the bascule span of the Grassy Sound Bridge requiring initial and final balance testing to ensure the bridge can be raised with the additional weight because of the steel repairs. Substructure repairs were also needed at the Grassy Sound Bridge and guide rail repairs were completed at Ocean City Longport Bridge.

Project Gallery

These bridge repairs were critical to the Cape May County Bridge Commission’s bridge and roadway network and were paramount to keeping drivers and pedestrians moving through the County’s barrier islands.

Ongoing collaboration and clear communication allowed the team to overcome several challenges and complete the project in coordination with the weather and heavy tourist season.

All steel, concrete and guide rail repairs were completed before the Memorial Day Weekend. Steel painting had to extend beyond the Memorial Day Weekend, but lane closures were kept to a minimum. Historical data on reduced traffic at the bridges in the early months of June were used to mitigate any inconvenience to motorists.

New Jersey Alliance for Action Distinguished Engineering Awards 2021 Honor