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Ramsey Division of Roads – Computer-Generated Street Map

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Ramsey Division of Roads – Computer-Generated Street Map

The Borough of Ramsey retained Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) to updated a computer-generated municipal street map previously created for the Borough Rescue Squad. The new municipal street map includes additional layers requested by the Borough’s Division of Roads Department and reflects the most up-to-date conditions within the Borough.

Services provided by RVE included updating the existing street map and index, creating additional map layers; and a new original electronic drawing file for the Ramsey Division of Roads. The new original electronic drawing for the Division of Roads included darkening waterways, incorporating bike paths, shading Green Acres property, easement and right-of-ways, well houses and sewer stations, and additional streets. Those streets were Commons East, Chapel Lane, Skymark Court, and Mountain View Road, in the Borough of Upper Saddle River. The Borough of Ramsey supplies water and sewer to the streets listed.

The maps of the bike paths, Green Acers, easements, well houses, and sewer systems were created from the GIS resource datasets available through the Bergen County Department of Planning, as well as local as-built mapping data provided by the Borough. To create the streets and address numbers layer for Upper Saddle Borough on the street map, the tax data and lot field were linked within the GIS Program. The tax database was then formatted so it could join seamlessly within the database. All street ROW lines, railroads, waterways, street names, and adjoining municipality names were shown on the updated street map.