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Contract Operations

Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) provides licensed contract operations and management oversight services for regulated water, wastewater, and industrial sites throughout New Jersey. We take a big-picture view of the systems we operate, which we call our premium service, Operations+ provided by our subsidiary, Water Resource Management (WRM).

Contract Operation Services

While taking measurements and filing compliance documents with DEP is a critical first step in contract operations, it is just the beginning for our firm. We focus on overall system health because that is where costs can be minimized and the most value can be found for our clients. Our mission is to provide the best overall service for a competitive price, which means offering a host of value-add services at no additional cost.

The cost of doing the bare minimum is not easily quantifiable, but can be substantial. Those costs are born only by the system owner, not the contract operations company, which is why it is of utmost importance for the owner to perform due diligence in selecting a contract operations professional. Among the added services we offer include:

  • Backup Operator: Productivity losses due to sick leave, vacations, or unexpected absences are a thing of the past. We will be on the job as a backup operator is assigned to each system, staying up-to-date and available to fill in when needed.
  • Plant Evaluation: Our firm evaluates every new system, looking at each cost center for potential savings. A report is generated and reviewed by the client, and a strategy developed to implement the identified cost-savings opportunities.
  • Team-based Oversight: Every system has no less than three layers of experienced personnel involved in operations and oversight. This allows us to reduce compliance issues, increase our ability to identify cost-saving options, facilitate faster/better decision making, and improve emergency response.


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