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Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) provides building inspection to monitor construction and assist in mitigating risk at every project phase. From pre-construction through punchlist completion, services are performed to provide the client with project information and the protection they need.

Industrial/Commercial Structural Engineering Services

RVE provides commercial loan verification inspection and owner representation, as well as construction management on facilities. We work closely with the lender and owner to review contract interpretations and field changes. Contractor payment requests are reviewed, making certain unwarranted payment requests are not being forwarded to the owner. Each project is thoroughly reviewed for contract compliance – including contractor qualifications, contract documents, bonds, insurance, permits, and project schedules. RVE works closely with the project engineer to ensure strict compliance with the plans and specifications governing the project.

We provide overall management and inspection services per client request, including daily, weekly, or monthly reviews. Site inspections are provided during construction to determine contractor earnings based on the level of completeness. Detailed reports of our findings include site photos and recommendations for how to address issues with contractor’s pay application. These reports reveal if a project is on schedule and on budget or if there are obstacles that need to be addressed.

Our engineers perform property condition assessments during a field inspection of the building or asset. The assessment includes a visual evaluation of all systems; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components; and the building shell or structures. Key areas of interest include the building site, building envelope, structural components, interior elements, roofing, building support systems, vertical transportation, and life safety factors. The findings are detailed in a report; a tool that can be used to ascertain investment and capital risks on a building and its systems when a borrower is using the asset as collateral or when a lender is loaning money for improvements to the building or building systems.

Our staff has a working knowledge of IBC, BOCA, and CABO standards, energy efficiency, and lead-based paint standards. Presently, the firm retains inspectors with construction experience in all disciplines. These include the areas of HVAC, underground utilities, concrete, asphalt paving, ironwork, water and sewer, and structures. RVE proudly offers the services of these professionals, many of whom are recognized as experts in the construction field. The staff is comprised of licensed building inspectors, construction managers, site inspectors, and engineers.