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Local Share Account: Montgomery County

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State: PA

Agency: DCED

Description: The PA Race Horse Development and Gaming Act (Act 2004-71) as amended has established the Pennsylvania Gaming Local Share Account (LSA) program under the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) for the purpose of providing grants and guarantees for projects in Montgomery County relating to water supply and wastewater infrastructure and the acquisition and development of sites in the county. Grants are available for the redevelopment reuse or revitalization of previously developed land development of undeveloped land and projects which construct expand or improve water and wastewater infrastructure related to business development. Planning grants are available to fund predevelopment activities and feasibility studies for those projects. Guarantees are available in accordance with the Tax Increment Financing Act.

Award Value: $500,000 max

Match: 15%

Deadlines: Rolling acceptance. Applications must be received 60 days prior to the scheduled board meeting

RVE Contact: Owen Hyne