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Water Quality/Drainage

Efficient and effective stormwater management is an issue faced by many communities, agencies, and owners. Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) specializes in the evaluation of existing drainage systems, dams, and culverts.

Water Quality/Drainage

RVE identifies the problem, makes recommendations, and provides restoration services for the stormwater system to obtain optimum hydraulic efficiencies. For newer construction projects, RVE provides an in-depth analysis to design the most efficient and cost-effective system possible. We are ready to help you with your water quality/drainage needs.

Our Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering services are unique to the firm with designs hailed as creative and innovative.

RVE’s drainage feasibility studies and designs have been performed for a variety of projects throughout the tri-state region. Those clients include transportation agencies, environmental agencies, counties, municipalities, and private companies.

Water Quality Drainage Service Capabilities:
  • Drainage System, Bridge, Dam, & Culvert Inspection, Design, & Construction.
  • Evaluation of Existing Structures for Safety, Stability, & Hydraulic Efficiency.
  • Preparation & Processing of Permits for Regulatory Agency Approval.
  • Open Channel Flow Modeling.
  • Performance of Feasibility Studies & Engineering Analysis.
  • Storm Sewer System Design.
  • Watershed Analysis.