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Land Use Review/Inspection

Serving as a Municipal Engineer is more than just understanding a community, it means being a part of it. That's why RVE is dedicated to your Land Use Review/Inspection needs.

Land Use Review/Inspection

RVE consistently focuses on quality of life issues for a community when conducting assignments, especially with land use review. We have extensive experience with, and recognize the importance of, collaborating with stakeholders from state and federal agencies, in addition to constituent organizations, when determining how to optimize land use.

Among the critical expertise our firm provides includes:
  • Natural resources, including wetlands, floodplains, and water sources, among others.
  • Permitting and permitting reviews, including State‚Äôs Freshwater Wetland Program, the Coastal Zone Program, and the Flood Hazard Program, among others.
  • Established relationships with state and federal regulatory authorities and agencies.
  • Smart Growth concepts and strategies.
  • Land optimization.
  • Natural resource preservation.
  • Grant administration.
  • Providing expertise before municipal planning and zoning boards.