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Land Surveying

Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) provides Survey Services throughout the tri-state area. Surveying is the cornerstone of our company and has been since 1901. RVE considers this service to be a specialty, as virtually every engineering project we support requires providing survey services to our clients.

Land Surveying Services

RVE’s Professional Licensed Surveyors combine traditional industry knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art computerized systems and high-tech surveying equipment, including global positioning systems (GPS). This results in delivering maximum precision and accuracy with each and every land survey executed.

We utilize a survey grade GPS system from Carlson, consisting of rover units that are connected by mobile communications to a network of established base stations. With this system, the company can calculate coordinates with centimeter accuracy.

Land Surveying Service Capabilities:
  • Aerial Mapping.
  • Boundary Right-of-Way Surveys.
  • Construction Layout Surveys.
  • GPS System Support.
  • Hydrological Surveys.
  • Subdivisions, Parcel Takings, & Easements.
  • Riparian & Tideland Surveys.
  • Road Surveys.
  • Title Surveys.
  • Topographical Surveys.
  • Utility Surveys.
  • Elevation Certificates for FEMA.
  • Wetland & Floodplain Surveys.