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Geographic Info Systems (GIS)

Remington & Vernick’s (RVE) CADD/Geographic Info Systems (GIS) Department is fully equipped to provide our clients with the most up-to-date services available. These drafting and design professionals prepare plans and drawings to exact client specifications. In addition to the planning and drafting support, we offer mapping and digital support services.

Geographic Info Systems (GIS) Services

RVE employs the most sophisticated programs for drafting and design. Those programs include AutoDesk’s AutoCAD, ESRI’s ArcGIS, and Bentley’s MicroStation. Our drafting and cartography personnel lend invaluable support to all areas of the company, as well as to clients. In addition to the development of plans and drawings, they provide a range of diverse services such as photographic reproduction and enhancement, graphic art presentations and renderings, perspective artwork, brochures, reports, and signs.

The CADD/GIS Department supports clients through the preparation of essential plans and drawings for public improvements like roads, sanitary sewers, and water systems. Our CADD/GIS Department provides various support services to local governments; among them being the production of tax maps and the preparation of official election and ward maps. RVE utilizes the latest software to convert up-to-date parcel maps into electronic media through the means of scanning, digitizing, and deed/tax protraction, enabling the development of geographically correct base maps.

Each engineering and planning project requires the development of detailed drawings and specifications, with no room for error. The CADD/ GIS Department has the experience and capabilities to produce quality products in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Geographic Info Systems Service Capabilities:
  • Roadway Design for Traffic Devices, Roadway Systems, Bridges, & Dams.
  • Structural Design for Water Systems, Sewer, Drainage, Wells & Tanks, & Water Towers.
  • Environmental Mapping.
  • Election & Ward Mapping.
  • Legislative & Congressional Mapping.
  • Park & Recreation Design.
  • Site Planning.
  • Land Subdivision.
  • Tax Map Update, Revision, & Generation.
  • Master Plan Mapping.
  • Topographic & Outbound Surveys.
  • Zoning & Land Use Mapping.