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Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) serves as consultant to more than 200 municipalities throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Assignments include roles as Engineer and Planner to the municipality and its Planning, Zoning, and Land Use Boards, taking full advantage of the services the firm offers.

Municipal Engineering Services

Our ultimate goal is to serve the municipalities we represent in a cost-efficient and cost-effective manner. RVE offers expertise in every municipal engineering and planning area – we rarely need an outside consultant. We support small communities and major transportation agencies alike. Each is offered the same quality, attention, and level of service.

The diversity of our professional staff enables us to provide municipalities with all technical support disciplines. The municipal representative assigned to your community will have access to a staff of more than 300 professionals, who work in project teams to best serve our clients.

Our familiarity with the region, expertise in all facets of municipal engineering, staff of licensed professionals highly experienced in supporting both small and large communities, and over a century of engineering excellence, enables our firm to fully support the needs of your community.

As the municipal engineer or planner, we recognize the financial concerns of municipalities. Our staff specializes in finding grants and loans for our municipal clients. These range from small projects, such as a dog park, to major infrastructure improvements, such as a township-wide water system. We also work closely with funding agencies to provide timely payments to municipalities, as well as coordinating multiple agencies involved in one project.