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Energy Services

Remington & Vernick Engineers' (RVE) energy engineering services professionals have a tremendous amount of experience with renewable energy.

Energy Engineering Services

Given the renewable energy market has sometimes been volatile, our staff of Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs) and LEED-accredited Designers can assist in making an initial determination as to whether a renewable energy project is economical, technically, and practically viable for your facility at a particular instance in time. We constantly monitor the incentive programs and routinely alert our clients to trends as they develop.


Per New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, a new State law allows government agencies to make energy-related improvements to facilities and pay for the costs using the value of energy savings resulting from the improvements. Under the recently enacted Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP), this law provides all government agencies in New Jersey with a flexible tool to improve and reduce energy usage with minimal expenditure of new financial resources. The firm provided ESIP professional support services for three high schools and various municipal buildings for the Black Horse Pike Regional School District/Gloucester Township, as well as four schools and the Pine Hill Board of Education’s Administration Building.


An energy audit establishes baseline measurements relative to where and how efficiently energy is consumed in a building or facility. It is an essential starting point in determining opportunities to lower energy costs; reduce air pollution; and address indoor air quality, lighting effectiveness, and occupant comfort. During an energy audit, trained engineers examine energy usage patterns and inspect energy-consuming systems inside and outside a facility to identify their operational effectiveness and level of efficiency. We can conduct visual inspections of your building’s energy-consuming systems, comprehensively reviewing all relevant equipment and operating systems, as well as your energy use data. We can identify potential improvements and provide recommendations for implementing them based on a cost-benefit analysis using state-of-the-art computer models. This will help predict your system’s performance under a variety of external conditions.