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Traffic Engineering

Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) provides complete traffic engineering services for evaluation, design, installation of traffic signal systems, inspections, and traffic impact studies. Within these services, we also provide surveying, design, and various other engineering services to accompany our traffic services.

Traffic Engineering Services

RVE strives to ensure each project delivers on all objectives, including long-term performance, maximized convenience and safety for vehicular traffic, environmental sound concepts, safety, and aesthetics. We are passionate about traffic engineering and the benefits it provides our communities.

RVE prepares and reviews traffic impact statements, including geometry, traffic control, signals, signage, striping, and trip generation. These evaluations result in the design and construction of tailored intersections and traffic signalization systems to meet our client’s specific needs. Our systems are prepared to accommodate both present and future traffic flow and volume concerns.

Our designs are prepared in accordance with all applicable design standards, safety requirements, and local and federal regulations.

Traffic Engineering Service Capabilities:
  • Bicycle Facilities Design.
  • Traffic Control Plans.
  • Inventory & Analysis of the Existing Transportation Facilities.
  • Levels of Service Analysis.
  • Pedestrian Circulation Plans.
  • Parking & Parking Demand Studies.
  • Nose & Air Quality Analysis.
  • Traffic Analysis & Growth Projections.
  • Traffic Calming.
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis.
  • Traffic Volume Data Collection.