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Stormwater Management

Efficient and effective stormwater management is a problem faced by many communities, agencies, and owners.

Stormwater Management Engineering Services

Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) specializes in the evaluation of existing drainage systems, dams, and culverts for stormwater management. RVE identifies the problem, makes recommendations, and provides restoration services for the stormwater system to obtain optimum hydraulic efficiencies. For newer construction projects, RVE provides an in-depth analysis in order to design the most efficient and cost-effective system possible.

Our Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering services are unique to the firm and our clients. The designs are hailed as creative and innovative.

RVE’s drainage feasibility studies and designs have been performed for a variety of projects throughout the tri-state region. Those clients include transportation agencies, environmental agencies, counties, municipalities, and private companies.

Stormwater Management Service Capabilities:
  • Drainage System, Bridge, Dam, & Culvert Inspection, Design, & Construction.
  • Evaluation of Existing Structures for Safety, Stability, & Hydraulic Efficiency.
  • Preparation & Processing of Permits for Regulatory Agency Approval.
  • Open Channel Flow Modeling.
  • Performance of Feasibility Studies & Engineering Analysis.
  • Storm Sewer System Design.
  • Watershed Analysis.