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Building Code Review & Inspection

At Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) Code Enforcement personnel provide quality Building Code Review & Inspection to growing communities to protect the health, safety, and environment of their citizens.

Building Code Review & Inspection Services

In pre-construction, conferences are coordinated, along with job meetings and project inspections. Building code review,  inspections, and management occur on a daily basis. Inspections are conducted on construction activity, material quality standards, and quality of workmanship.

You shouldn’t have to absorb the costs incurred from construction management when certain projects don’t require that level of support. We tailor these services to the most cost-effective method of ensuring a quality product. RVE retains professionals with specific experience in building, construction, inspection, and contract administration. These services provide for a variety of projects, including educational facilities and commercial construction.

RVE has a working knowledge of IBC, BOCA, and CABO standards, energy efficiency, and lead-based paint standards. We offer all services required under Federal legislation, such as the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), and State and local Boards of Education. RVE retains inspectors with construction experience in all disciplines. These include the areas of HVAC, underground utilities, concrete, asphalt paving, ironworker, water and sewer, and structures. We proudly offer the services of these professionals, many of whom are recognized as experts in the construction field. RVE staff is comprised of Building Code Officials, Professional Engineers, Engineers in Training, graduate engineers, licensed Building Inspectors, licensed Water System Operators, licensed Sewer System Operators, and Surveyors.

For more information, please contact:
Richard Miles, MCP
Construction Code Official