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Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) prides itself on being a full-service engineering firm. RVE can provide comprehensive engineering services for your construction project from start to finish.

Construction Services

We offer an array of construction services including construction management, construction inspection, building code inspection and officials, owner’s representation, and program management.

RVE’s Construction Management Department specializes in project planning, construction management, and inspection services. Drawing upon the expansive resources of a large, diverse staff of construction and design professionals, personalized Construction Management Teams are developed for each project.

RVE provides a comprehensive range of inspection and management services for capital infrastructure construction and site development projects. RVE prides itself in staying knowledgeable of the ever-changing construction practices and innovations. At the end of construction, all project punchlist items are completed along with the compilation of all operation manuals and warranty documents to be presented to the owner, as part of the final review, acceptance, and/or commissioning of the project.

Our code enforcement personnel provide quality services to growing communities to protect the health, safety, and environment of their citizens. In pre-construction, conferences are coordinated, along with job meetings and inspections. Inspections and management occur on a daily basis. Inspections are conducted on construction activity, material quality standards, and quality of workmanship.

As an Owner’s Representative, we can represent you in a way that relieves stress and optimizes project time. We can make on-the-spot decisions that keep projects on schedule and control costs.

These are but a few of the many construction services we offer at RVE.