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Stone Harbor Update & Computer-Generated Tax Map

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Stone Harbor Update & Computer-Generated Tax Map

In 1987, the Borough of Stone Harbor manually generated its tax maps. The last was approved in 1988, with the exception of some computer-aided design (CAD) generated condominium detail sheets. There are approximately 3,227 tax records of which 1,808 contained additional lots for a total of 5,696 parcels in the Borough as of April 26, 2013. The current tax map set was last updated in January 2013.

The State of New Jersey, through the Division of Taxation, recommends municipalities digitize their existing tax maps. Digitizing the Borough’s existing tax map set provides a cleaner and more accurate set of tax maps to best serve the Borough’s current and future development, redevelopment, and tax assessment needs. Digital tax maps can also be more cost-effectively updated in the future. Rather than erasing the existing linework and re-linking manually, any revisions necessary can now be applied to a computer-generated map electronically. The outdated computerized tax map plate is simply removed from the set and replaced with an updated copy.

Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) was hired to complete the new computer-generated Master Key Map and GIS Parcel Database for the tax map set. All subsequent mapping work will utilize the digital map as its foundation. RVE previously utilized this digital map as a foundation for the Borough’s current Zoning Map and Utility Infrastructure Maps.

The firm verified all changes and revisions to the tax maps were accurate and complete. Once the process was completed, the tax maps were submitted to the New Jersey Division of Taxation for a second review and re-evaluation for compliance purposes. Additional changes were recommended for compliance with State regulations and standards.

Any new maps generated as part of this project cannot be used for taxation purposes until officially approved by the Division of Taxation. The new digital tax maps supersede the Borough’s existing manually generated tax map plates.