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Robert’s Pool Renovations

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Robert’s Pool Renovations

As Borough Engineer for Collingswood, RVE is responsible for providing all engineering and inspection services required for municipal facilities, which includes conducting a variety of assignments at the community’s pool complex.

One major assignment was the rehabilitation and renovation of Roberts Pool, which consists of three pools – a 50-meter Olympic-size pool; a 25-meter diving pool; and a children’s wading pool. The renovations included:

  • Repairing the spalled concrete subsurface pool walls.
  • Installing a new “marbelite” coating system covering all pool surfaces.
  • Replacing all expansion joints sealants and backer-rods with a new joint sealing system, which prevents water penetration both from the pool to the subsurface, and from the high water table of the subsurface back into the pool.
  • Installing new tile along the top three feet of each pool rim, including tiled lane markers.
  • Repairing the stainless steel deck perimeter and scupper system.


RVE has also been called on to provide engineering services for recreational site improvements at the pool’s playground. Among the tasks undertaken included:

  • Removing the mulch playground area, including all playground equipment and black plastic borders.
  • Removing the sand volleyball court, including the volleyball net, posts, and foundation.
  • Reconstructing an existing manhole using the existing casting and resetting the existing irrigation box.
  • Removing the inlet and approximately 100 LF of 12-inch PVC pipe and 11 LF of four-inch PVC pipe.
  • Removing the irrigation in conflict with the improvements.
  • Reconfiguring a new irrigation system to accommodate the final layout.
  • Constructing a new type “A” inlet and 120 LF of new 12-inch HDPE pipe and 11 LF of four-inch PVC pipe.
  • Earthwork, including all cuts, fills, soil removal and borrow excavation, as well as rough and finish gradings for the new playground area and constructing the rubber curb, compacted granular A, four-inch stone base, and poured-in-place rubber surface within the playground area.
  • Furnishing and installing all playground equipment and site furnishings as indicated on the plans.
  • Removing and replacing the foot wash/shower and bottle filling/drinking fountain.
  • Constructing an underdrain system within the playground area.
  • Constructing concrete sidewalks, including a base of four-inch dense graded aggregate.
  • Constructing brick pavers, including one-quarter-inch sand leveling course and a four-inch concrete base.
  • Constructing a modular retaining wall and stairway.
  • Completing all landscaping work, including planting, fertilizing, and mulching all trees and shrubs.
  • Placing topsoil, fertilizer, and sod at all disturbed areas, including all areas affected by the work.

Robert’s Pool is a signature source of pride for the Borough.  RVE takes similar pride in knowing we play a role in keeping this community pool complex working in a safe and efficient manner when called upon by the Borough.