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Pennwood Middle School Campus Renovations

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Pennwood Middle School Campus Renovations

Pennwood Middle School and Charles Boehm Middle School, a two-story building built in 1951, desperately needed renovations.

The facility services grades 6-to-8 for approximately 900 students. Pennwood Middle School is 1-of-3 that share a campus in the District. Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) was part of a team retained by Pennsbury School District to provide professional architectural and engineering services for the site improvements.

Services provided by RVE include:

  • Existing conditions survey.
  • Assessment of existing conditions.
  • Meetings and development of an initial program.
  • Constraints and opportunities analysis.
  • Review of current regulatory requirements related to the development of the site, including land use and zoning requirements, and local, county, state, and federal approval requirements.
  • Preparation of the schematic design to collectively establish the scope, size, and vision of the final product.
  • Implementation of a BIM (Building Information Modeling) program called Revit to think three-dimensionally by grasping the design from the beginning of the process.
  • Development of documents consisting of drawings, outline specifications, and other related data.
  • Preparation of the final construction documents.
  • Coordination of the distribution of bidding documents with the school’s Business Administrator and solicitation of bidders.
  • Construction administration, occupancy, and follow-up services.

Renovations Include:

  • Removal of the Pennwood natatorium (swimming pool wing) to accommodate more classrooms.
  • Relocation of the administrative offices to the existing front entrance to provide a more secure building.
  • Larger guidance suite with conference rooms to facilitate the growing needs of students.
  • Maintenance of the exterior brickwork.
  • New bus dock pick-up and drop off area to improve traffic safety.
  • More visitor parking.
  • New heating system and air conditioning systems.

The renovations are ongoing. Improvements intend to address the lack of sufficient space to meet current student and curriculum demands.