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Lakewood Research & Preparation of New Digital Official Zoning Maps

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Lakewood Research & Preparation of New Digital Official Zoning Maps

Lakewood Township was in need of a new digital zoning map for the Township. Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) was retained to research and create the new zoning map. The existing Township map was created in June 2002 in CADD format and updated to reflect zoning changes through May 2006.

RVE took inventory, researched, and reviewed all zoning ordinances since the last-adopted zoning map. We protected and closed the new ordinances based on the descriptions by block, lot, and address designated. All digital maps were created on the New Jersey State Plan Coordinated System and North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 8) in English units. The information was based on the current tax map and GIS data available and was layered with a color-coded legend for ease of inventory and maintenance. RVE created an updated digital zoning map to reflect the zone designation changes since 2006. All documents were created utilizing the latest Autodesk AutoCAD and ESRI ArcGIS software applications in compliance with the guidelines set forth in the current NJDEP Handbook, Mapping, and Digital Data Standards.

To certify the newly created and updated zoning map, the map was verified against the adopted ordinances.