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Haddon Avenue Roadway Improvements Project

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Haddon Avenue Roadway Improvements Project

The Cooper’s Ferry Partnership (CFP), in conjunction with the City of Camden and Camden County, wanted to improve Haddon Avenue, a critical roadway for the City and County, while also upgrading and improving the utility, pedestrian, and multi-modal infrastructure to support the nearby Haddon Avenue Transit Village Development Project.

RVE was retained by the CFP to provide professional engineering and design services, which consisted of roadway and utility infrastructure improvements.

The Haddon Avenue Roadway Improvements Project included capacity improvements and much-needed multi-modal and pedestrian accessibility and safety improvements to the surrounding area. As a result of the proximity to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and medical office buildings, as well as the proposed mixed-use development of the Haddon Avenue Transit Village near PATCO’s Ferry Avenue Train Station, there was an opportunity to create an active pedestrian hub and gateways into the neighboring boroughs. This area features significant pedestrian activity, including patrons of businesses along the commercial corridor of Haddon Avenue; employees, patients, and visitors of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital; residents; and mass transit commuters.

Bicycle and pedestrian connections were made to the PATCO Ferry Avenue Train Station and through the proposed development site. In addition, improvements were made to the pedestrian facilities along Haddon Avenue, which included extensive streetscaping consisting of new sidewalks, curbs, trees, street lights, landscaping, and trash receptacles. Other improvements included high-visibility and decorative crosswalks at key locations; ADA-compliant improvements at intersections; and traffic signal improvements.

The construction of these pedestrian enhancements and bicycle accommodations have resulted in a positive impact with increased public transportation ridership, specifically for PATCO and NJ Transit.

The successful implementation of these improvements have served as the backbone for the phased development of the Haddon Avenue Transit Village. This project has impacted the revitalization and quality of life of the City, its residents, employees, patrons, and visitors of this region.