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Collingswood Tank

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Collingswood Tank

Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) provided inspection and engineering services for the Comly Avenue tank in Collingswood, NJ. The client was faced with several challenges. First, the Comly tank was an unexpected height.

The specified height of the Comly Collingswood tank was at 135 feet, but the actual height of the tank was at 157 feet. The tank roof was unable to support full containment during abrasive blast and painting operations. There was also a conflict with the specifications of the tank, stating that it had a 200,000-gallon capacity as opposed to the contract’s claim of 250,000-gallons. This created a change order price that the owner felt uncomfortable with.

RVE suggested a larger boom lift to adjust the corrected height of the tank, which the contractor had already rented assuming the correct specifications. We proposed a design to bolster the existing roof members, and suggested the installation of the containment in two sections, instead of a single full containment. RVE proposed changing the specifications on the Comly Avenue tank from the proposed commercial abrasive blast, a three-coat system, to a less expensive abrasive cleaning blast, which was a two-coat system.

Adding the higher boon lift, at 150 feet, creating safer access to the roof for the contractors making roof repairs. Due to the safer access, roof repairs were completed at a faster rate. Approaching the containment issue with two sections rather than one created less stress to the roof members during the repairs, blasting, and painting operations. This made the entire operation safer to the workers and surrounding community. The specification change created an approximate $10,000 savings to the client.