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Cherry Hill East & West Stadium Fields

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New and Improved Athletic Fields

Cherry Hill Township’s East and West High School stadium fields were in need of improvements and renovations. Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) was retained to provide the needed design services.

RVE’s services included providing a topographic survey to show on-foot contour lines and spot elevations. We provided the location and top of all existing conditions within the limits of the field, bleacher, and lighting areas. RVE setup, downloaded, and processed all of the survey information collected. We also completed quality assurance/quality control review of the survey field work.

RVE provided soil borings and soil analysis required to design foundations for a new grandstand structure and new sports lighting towers at Cherry Hill East. We tested pits and permeability for stormwater management design at both locations.

RVE constructed the necessary laboratory tests on the recovered samples; evaluated the engineering characteristics of the soils encountered; carried out geotechnical engineering analysis; and prepared a geotechnical engineering report to present our findings and recommendations regarding the design and construction of the most suitable foundations for the new sports lighting towers. We utilized the existing conditions to develop construction documents for the proposed tennis courts.