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Beebe Run Road Culvert Replacement

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Beebe Run Road Culvert Replacement

Large storm events caused the road and four concrete culverts that convey the stream waters of Beebe Run Road to fail, closing the road to all traffic.

RVE was retained by Cumberland County (County) to replace the four, failed 48-inch reinforced concrete culverts. The County needed to replace the structures and restore the roadway so the road was serviceable. In addition, the County secured Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funding under an Emergency Relief Program, which required the design and construction of the new culvert to be completed within six months of the award of the funding.

The structure is a reinforced concrete box culvert buried in the stream bed to provide a natural bottom, which was desired by the NJDEP. This type of structure provided better stability and resistance to scour so a future collapse was more avoidable. The NJDEP approved the structure and an emergency permit authorization from the NJDEP was received. With the threat of ongoing storms and a difficult deadline, our firm, in coordination with the County, designed the structure and secured the fabrication of it under a separate contract with the manufacturer. The full set of construction documents was completed for public advertisement two months from receipt of the Notice-to-Proceed (NTP) with the understanding that the structure would already be on-site when the contractor mobilized for work. Poor subsoil required the structure to be placed on piles. Working with the contractor, RVE was able to have them install the piles using jets and a small pile driver to avoid relocating an overhead electric line. Since the project was federally funded, it required compliance with FHWA requirements, including the preparation of the Categorical Exclusion Document (CED), Section 4f compliance, and all necessary federally funded documents in accordance with the NJDOT Federal Aid Handbook.

RVE provided the following:

  • Performed topographical, route, and construction control surveys utilizing two survey crews.
  • Coordinated the relocation of overhead utility service.
  • Designed the culvert replacement using reinforced concrete box culvert founded on timber piles to provide better stability and resistance to scour.
  • Prepared emergency outside agency permit applications.
  • Provided final construction documents in accordance with AASHTO, NJDOT, and County requirements within a two-month period.
  • Prepared documents and services required for bid advertisement and construction contract award.
  • Consulted with the County regarding the acceptability of contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers proposed to perform the work.
  • Developed a method to install the piles and culvert without the need to relocate an overhead electric line.
  • Provided full-time construction inspection services.

RVE met all the different challenges of this tightly scheduled project, delivering the project in enough time to secure the federal funding.

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