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Craig F. Remington, PLS, PP

Principal, Vice President

Craig F. Remington is the grandson of the firm's founder, J.C. Remington – three generations of continuity has provided unique stability to the firm.

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Meet the Vice President of Remington & Vernick Engineers…

Mr. Remington has more than 30 years of experience with the firm, serving in various capacities, including surveyor, planner, and cartographer. He is a professionally licensed surveyor and planner, directs all planning, surveying, and cartography projects, and provides the administrative direction for the firm.

“Remington & Vernick Engineers is one of the oldest established engineering consulting firms in the nation. Since 1901, we have been providing cutting edge solutions and new ideas for our clients’ infrastructure needs. But just as importantly, we have emphasized giving our clients exemplary service in all that we do. We value our client relationships. Our clients have come to depend upon us as members of their own staff and members of their communities; some of whom we have continuously served since our founding, more than a century ago.”