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Annina M. Hogan, PE, RA, CME, LEED AP

Principal, Executive Vice President

In 2016, Annina M. Hogan was named Remington & Vernick Engineers' first female partner.

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Meet the Director of Municipal Engineering and Planning…

After joining RVE in 1999, Ms. Hogan quickly ascended to Executive Vice President and Director of the Municipal Engineering and Planning Division that houses more than 20 employees and delivers hundreds of assignments each year. Under her management, the division provides consulting engineering, planning, and construction-related services to municipalities and school boards throughout New Jersey. Ms. Hogan’s expertise includes the fields of transportation; utilities; drainage; facility improvement; parks and recreation; permitting and grant applications; and water distribution.

Being named a Partner is the highest honor given by the firm. A Partner is selected as the result of providing leadership within the firm, being respected within the industry, delivering services and/or acquiring work consistent with RVE’s mission and strategic plan, and having an established commitment to the firm’s future.

Ms. Hogan earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from UCLA (Class of 1997) and a master’s degree in engineering from Villanova University (Class of 2013). She is a Registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey; a Register Architect in New Jersey; a Certified Municipal Engineer in New Jersey; and a LEED-Accredited Professional.

“She absolutely deserves it,” said RVE President Edward Vernick, PE. “She is dedicated to her profession, her employees, and her clients. She is one of the most responsive and attentive client managers I have ever met. We’re really happy for her because she earned this and deserves it.”